Why Inceptum?

Why should you work at Inceptum? Here are just a few reasons…

You are Unique…Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Large companies with 1000+ employees deal with projects from a headcount point of view. Many people do little work each and specialize in them. The learning that you get from working on such teams is very limited (because of large team size, people specialize in one particular aspect of the project). For example, a developer could code many years in other companies and not be aware of architectural issues involving a ORM layer in your framework or how or why you need to modify your application for a load balancer setup…

We are different, careful and precise in how we allocate talent to projects.

You are not a ‘head count’ to us. We take great care of our people and will never disappoint you from a point of providing challenging work.

Ask Yourself

  • Expert in Jquery/Dojo?
  • Used propel before?
  • Implemented REST APIs for a product?
  • Heard of BigData? How about Mongo or SimpleDB?
  • Know how to implement a load balanced architecture?
  • Worked with a burndown chart?
  • Implemented HTML5?
  • Do you think of user interfaces as artwork or engineering?

Bring a mindset that is curious and hungry to learn new things!

Join a Product Development Company

We build products for our clients and for ourselves. The experience and learning that come from working on such projects is much more gratifying and will help propel you higher in terms of your capabilities. You will see projects that start from a single idea, concept and/or prototype to implementation that you can study and gain extensive knowledge. With that comes speed and the need to do things differently which challenges your thinking inside out.

Join a Company that is Changing the World

There will be a wealth of opportunity to work on a variety of technologies and applications. Want to switch to a different area of work? Plan it and do it. Web apps, mobile apps, multi-tenant architectures, Cloud implementations, NoSQL implementations, Open Source LAMP architectures, E-Commerce (Magento) and social media integration are some of the areas of work we do.

Whether it be powering 10,000 schools with a web app for spirit wear gear or an APP for monitoring building facilities, we are changing the world and making it a better place.