Life @ Inceptum

We are a group of talented technologists that are passionate about solving business problems using cutting edge technology. Each of us within the Inceptum family strives towards these experiences on a daily basis.

More Responsibility

We are structured into SCRUM agile teams of up to four if the size of the project warrants. With that comes responsibility, small teams share the work on projects however complex they might be and you will thrive in learning multiple things. You will be forced to learn new things to reach a point where you feel more responsibility for your deliverables and experience a sense of ownership in the project.

Opportunity is Taken

At Inceptum, opportunity is taken not given to folks. With proper responsibility you can take ownership of any aspect of your work. Have an idea while working on a project to improve it – go right ahead. Get the support for your ideas and champion them.

Learning Across a Wide Spectrum

Companies with 1000+ people have a very tight hierarchy. Each member of the team does a specific job…and that’s it. It means that you do a tiny part of the work over and over again which equals limited learning and limited exposure. At Inceptum, we manage projects in small member teams and our projects require cutting-edge technologies. Both of these factors mean more exposure to you in terms of learning and advancing your career.

Culture of Tinkering

Our projects are inherently complex – knowing the technology and business requirements just isn’t enough to get the job done. You have to research, experiment and implement that solution. Whether it’s in areas of user interface design, architecture, coding or quality assurance there is just enough room to experiment and grow.

Experience the Value of Hard Work and Ownership

In large companies it’s difficult to see the entire picture. You never get to talk to clients in some cases and don’t get full understanding of the sales-to-fulfillment process. We make sure our technology teams are well informed of client intentions and objectives. You will know when the client is happy and when they are not…you will know when you have done an awesome job or when you’ve missed the mark. Work on products, see it be created very closely…from an idea to execution and market adoption phases…and experience the innumerable lessons that come from it.

An Open Atmosphere

You walk into a culture of trust. Work and quality matter more than coming in at the same exact time. Getting the job done is more important than working overtime. Our people are frugal. We get things done…we don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks. We are careful about costs and values. We have an open door policy. Walk-in with ideas or changes that you would like to champion and make it happen…you have our support. All this with lots of fun and a sense of ownership.